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Thanks For Visiting Our New Site!!

Welcome to the all new!
      Although we are Still Under Construction, we've decided that there is enough done to go ahead and launch the site, especially compared to our old one. About 75% of our available items are now on display in the "Catalogs" section and the model numbers and pricing are correct. You could take some notes and put together an order and call us! The prices don't include the engraving, artwork or shipping costs.

You can see most of our Plaques, Clocks, Ribbons, Medals, Acrylics and Glass awards in the "Catalogs" section. Our custom built, in-house trophies will be up in a few weeks.
     Our main goal for this site is to provide a convenient way for our customers to prepare and place an order. Hopefully, we'll get new customers but, we're really not interested in selling a million cheap trophies on the web. For 28 years our business has been about service, quality and community and we intend to keep it that way.
We are currentlty stocking the shelves of our on line store and with the hundreds of items we offer it's still not quite ready yet!
      You will be able to See and Order our entire line in a quick and easy method while you sit at your desk or kitchen table. Once you have assembled your order, a representative of the Trophy House will call you to discuss the particulars. Ordering a large set of awards can be pretty complicated and so we prefer to get a person involved ASAP. Artwork, engraving, packaging, delivery dates and shipping costs can vary a lot.
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